1When will you refill my account?
After you have placed your order and have provided us with your mobile phone number to recharge, you will receive your refill confirmation via email within the same business day (normally within 60 minutes) during our normal business hours 10 AM to 7 PM PST Mon-Sat. Orders placed after business hours will be processed the following business day.
2What if I pay/recharge the wrong number?
Unfortunately we cannot refund any transaction if you entered the wrong phone number as all sales/payments are final. Since when a payment is successful, the credit applied to the phone number can be used immediately. For this reason we are unable to refund or remove credit sent to a wrong number. Please always verify the phone number you are sending the credit to.
3What should I do if the recharge is not completed?
If recharge is not completed, but you have received a confirmation, please turn your phone off and then back on again. If your mobile number is still not recharged email us at support@beyondconnectionstopup.com or go to our contact page. We will respond back as soon as possible
4My order is 'Pending'. What does that mean?
Pending status means that we have received your order and will process it momentarily. In some cases, orders require manual review. Once manual review is complete, your account will be automatically refilled.
5Do you charge a fee?
No, we do NOT charge a fee on any transaction, and you will see the grand total amount on the order summary before your payment is submitted.